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Dr. Chad Muncrief ND

Naturopathic & Aesthetic Medicine | Westside
Health Coordinator: Janette Bolton

Originally from the southern plains, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a medical education which combined botanical medications, diet and lifestyle interventions, as well as traditional western medications in a primary care setting.

During my education, I began to have psoriasis outbreaks which eventually led me to employ a combination of natural and western care methods to help keep the symptoms from occurring. I also developed a strong interest in minor surgery, spending a large percentage of my clinical training performing dermatological evaluations and skin surgeries.

This has helped mold my primary care treatment methods, by working with patients to use evidence-based natural medicines alongside traditional pharmaceuticals, ensuring every patient a unique treatment that works with their individual situation. It also helped to foster my interest in skin health, allowing me to work individually on the best means to care for the largest organ of the body, the skin.