Our Clinicians

Dan Rogers

Dr. Daniel Rodgers, MD

Medical Director of Senior Living | Eastside / Westside

JT Boyd

Dr. J.T. Boyd, MD

Internal Medicine | Westside

Ian Horner

Dr. Ian Horner, DO

Family Medicine | Westside

GreenFieldStaff 48 Lindsey Campbell

Lindsey Campbell, MSN-FNP/MPH

Family Medicine, Women's Health | Westside

GreenFieldStaff 22 Chad Muncrief

Dr. Chad Muncrief, ND

Naturopathic & Aesthetic Medicine | Eastside / Westside

KR Pic

Katie Rogers, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian | Eastside / Westside

GreenFieldStaff 24 Lauren Caffee

Lauren Caffee, MSW, CSWA

Behavioral Health Specialist | Eastside / Westside

GreenFieldStaff 8 Chuck Kilo

Dr. Chuck Kilo, MD

Internal Medicine | Westside

GFH1 3

Raquel Rose, RDN

Registered Dietitian | Eastside / Westside

Health Coordinators

Our health coordinators work elbow-to-elbow with GreenField Health providers to aide in your care. They will help you refill a prescription, schedule an appointment, coordinate procedures, report back with results, and keep you up-to-date on your preventative care.


Blaine Douglas, CMA

Health Coordinator | Safety Coordinator
Works with Sydney Rea, DNP, CPNP-AC/PC

GreenFieldStaff 40 Juka Marseille

Juka Marseille, CMA

Health Coordinator | Collaborative Care Management Coordinator
Works with Dr. J.T. Boyd

Janette Bolton

Janette Bolton, RMA

Health Coordinator | Westside Float
Works with Dr. Chad Muncrief

GreenFieldStaff 29 Cheryl Proctor

Cheryl Proctor, CMA

Health Coordinator
Works with Dr. Leesa M. Azar

GreenFieldStaff 44 Jelan Almanza

Jelan Almanza, CMA (AAMA)

Health Coordinator
Works with Lindsey Campbell, MSN-FNP/MPH

GreenFieldStaff 18 Amy Gardner

Amy Gardner, CMA

Health Coordinator
Works with Dr. Chuck Kilo
Eastside / Westside

Miranda Berry

Miranda Berry

Health Coordinator
Works with Dr. Ian Horner

Desiree Southerland

Desiree Southerland, CMA

Health Coordinator
Works with Dr. Lisa Newton-Klucevek
Eastside / Westside

Amanda Dean

Amanda Dean, CMA

Eastside Health Coordinator

Member Services

rieckmann 01 1752 SML unbranded

Traci Rieckmann, PhD

Chief Operating Officer


Leah Rea, MA

Communications and Clinical Services Manager


Chelsea Rolstad

Sr. Applications Support Manager

GreenFieldStaff 55 Brenda Castillo

Brenda Castillo, CPC

Revenue Cycle Manager

GreenFieldStaff 16 Courtney Wiren

Courtney Wiren

New Patient Lead Coordinator - Eastside

brooke fassati

Brooke Fossati, CPC

Senior Medical Coding/Billing Specialist

GreenFieldStaff 1 Judith Montano

Judith Montano

Patient Services Coordinator

GreenFieldStaff 33 Elias Beltran

Elias Beltran

Patient Services Assistant

GreenFieldStaff 6 Jennifer Montano

Jennifer Montano

Patient Services Coordinator

GreenFieldStaff 39 Kayla Olson

Kayla Olson

Human Resources Manager

GreenFieldStaff 47 Milena Dadaj

Milena Dadaj

Accounting Coordinator

Steven Luu

Steven Luu

Systems Analyst

Misti Murray

Misti Murray

Billing and Administrative Specialist