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Team Member Spotlight: Kathy Alvarez, MD

August 11, 2020   |   By Jacqui Monahan

GreenField Health is excited to spotlight Kathy Alvarez, MD who has been a primary care provider at GreenField since November of 2019. Prior to working here at GreenField Health Kathy spent 10 years running her own “micro-practice” working specifically to provide proactive and preventative care. Kathy describes this practice as the best thing she has done for her career because of “the experience of freedom to make it mine [Kathy’s]. Taking the time to grow a panel of strong relationships.” So what got Kathy interested in medicine in the first place? Well, in the 6th Grade Kathy realized she enjoyed the prospects of a challenge, specifically one which had an endless opportunity for growth and ongoing education.

As her career developed, she found that Family Medicine most aligned with her philosophy, having always been more interested in a holistic approach, Kathy states “We have amazing bodies that are meant to stay in balance. Most disease is a reflection of when a fine-tuned system is out of balance.  In searching for the cause of disease, and not just treating symptoms.” Kathy finds it crucial to address “the entire person, to really know [the] next best steps in healing.” Kathy noted that it took a few trials of different positions to find that the average primary care group practice was not going to be a mold her practice style would fit in.

Time was the crucial element in this process for a more integrated approach, and with the average doctor’s visit being roughly 10 minutes, she knew she needed more time which drove her to create her own practice. Kathy did not see what she wanted in the world and then she made it, but when it came time to expand her career she was determined to find a place with similar beliefs and philosophies on medicine, which led her to GreenField Health.

When she isn’t spending time helping patients Kathy is hiking, doing yoga, or spending time Face Timing with family or friends from around the world. With a history of career moves across 3 states, from SW to NW, she comments that “one of her great joys” is devoting some time to nurturing friendships. Kathy enjoys happy hours on the beach, and for entertainment she loves live music of many genres including Latin and salsa music - something that keeps her inspired to still be dancing into her 90’s. When in search of a bit of encouragement Kathy turns to the quote “ you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” (Jon Kabat-Zinn) and after a stressful week this quote comes to mind: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” (Anne Lamott).

Last but certainly not least, Kathy’s health tip is “With all the sitting and texting we do and all the ways in which we overuse or underuse our bodies; Have a great physical therapist or trainer who knows you and holds you accountable to staying strong, and to helps you strengthen your areas of weakness (we all have one!) and consider keeping a good psychologist or life coach who knows your life goals and can help you maneuver change and transition because the waves will come! Having a team including a medical provider who knows you well is the best insurance to help you stay on a pathway of health and wellness.” Kathy would like to thank “all the patients who place their trust in us as providers – sharing your stories, trusting the process. This is a brave step.”

GreenField is lucky to have such dedicated and invested providers like Kathy Alvarez.