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Team Member Spotlight: Cheston Wong, PA-C

September 1, 2020   |   By Jacqui Monahan

This week’s featured provider is Cheston Wong. Cheston has been a Physician Assistant at GreenField Health for two and a half years. Prior to working here with us, he was completing his studies at UC Davis in Sacramento, CA. Cheston’s decided to pursue medicine because he was interested in both biological and social sciences and he wanted to find a combination of the two. He was ultimately drawn to public health because he could work closely with patients. As for what drew him to be part of GreenField’s team, Cheston stated “I was drawn to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and GreenField’s unique opportunity to work and engage so closely with our patients.” Going off of this unique relationship Cheston mentioned that GreenField’s approach to healthcare is exceptional because “It is a team-based process from both a patient-provider relationship and provider-staff relationship standpoint. We are constantly connecting with one another to come up with the best approach to caring for our patients. I think this type of approach is an important aspect of meeting patients’ healthcare needs and goals.” 

Outside of work, Cheston is spending time outside mostly on the Portland Waterfront, in Forest Park, or hiking around the Gorge. Recently Cheston hiked Kings Mountain which he states is one of the hardest hikes he has ever done but well worth it and he recommends it highly. 

Cheston’s health tip: 

“As we continue to confront this COVID pandemic, please continue to keep yourselves healthy and safe not only for yourselves, but also for the well-being of all those around us including friends, family members, and strangers.”

GreenField is lucky to have such dedicated staff and providers like Cheston who are driven to helping our patients by listening to them and meeting them wherever they may be in their healthcare journey.