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Exciting New Partnership with Nutrition Kitchen!

July 11, 2019   |   By Kimmie Whitman

What is Nutrition Kitchen? 

We are busier than ever, with little time to think about meals, much less making them nutritious and delicious. That's where we come in. Nutrition Kitchen provides you and your family with healthy balanced meals and snacks that last you the whole week. 

With over 12 years of nutrition counseling experience, Kimmie understands the needs of your family (she has three children of her own), and the importance of healthy eating. 

Nutrition Kitchen provides you with a grocery list, carefully designed menu based on your family's goals and in-home assistance prepping it all! You get a refrigerator full of delicious and nutritious food, that is ready to go without all the stress!!

You can schedule an appointment with Kimmie at any of our locations! For more information call us at (503)292-9560 or email Kimmie directly at