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Announcing GreenField PODS

June 23, 2021   |   By Jacqui Monahan

We want to share some exciting upcoming changes developed to support of model of Relationship, Service and Reliability. 

One difference you may have already run into is splitting up into care teams. Each team consists of 4 clinicians and their supporting HCs. You will still have a primary care provider within the care team but there will be more support in care. This will create efficiency and timeliness in responses to your needs such as refills, secure messages and phone calls.

You will also notice the next time you call our office an automated phone tree will be in place. This is not to take away from the enjoyment we get from speaking with you but instead directs you to the person you are needing to speak with faster.  There will be different prompts to direct you for scheduling, billing, new patient questions and of course you will have the option of speaking to someone within your care team.

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions with any changes made within GreenField. Thank you for being a member and allowing us to get to know you.

Care Team 1:

Chuck Kilo, MD

JT Boyd, MD

Lisa Newton-Lucevek, DO

Chad Muncrief, ND

Care Team 2:

Ian Horner, DO

Leesa Azar, MD

Lindsey Campbell, FNP

Sydney Rea, CNP

Care Team 3:

May Lynn Chu, DO

Dan Rodgers, MD